Life is Short
"Every act counts. Every thought and emotion counts too. This is all the path we have. This is where we apply the teachings. This is where we come to understand why we meditate. We are only going to be here for a short while. Even if we live to be 108, our life will be too short for witnessing all its wonders. The dharma is each act, each thought, each word we speak. Are we at least willing to catch ourselves spinning off and to do that without embarrassment? Do we at least aspire to not consider ourselves a problem, but simply a pretty typical human being who could at that moment give him - or herself a break and stop being so predictable? 
My experience is that this is how our thoughts begin to slow down. Magically, it seems that theres a lot more space to breathe, a lot more room to dance, and a lot more happiness."
~ as always, I thank you Pema for your amazing insights!