excerpt from my book, Feel Good Naked:

Create Your Own Ashram
Rather than getting stressed out about being stressed, the key is doing something constructive to help your body and mind process stress. Even having all the luxuries, freedom and love we could ever imagine would create its own type of stress. But we can reduce the factors that contribute to stress. And we can cultivate the kind of balanced, contented lives that take daily stress in stride, refusing to allow ourselves to internalize or catastrophize ordinary worries. We hear so much about spending "quality time" with those we love, but what about spending "quality time" with ourselves. It’s a respite from the onslaught of things which we have no control: phones, appointments, milk spills, inflation worries. Think of this time as your own personal island, where you get to decide everything. If you are like me and choose to spend this ritual being still and quiet, I want to help you create a spa-like environment for your getaway.
It’s important to create a space where you remove all unnecessary clutter, surrounding yourself with favorite relaxing sounds, smells, sights and textures. It can be inside (a spare room or corner like mine ~ see above photo) or outside (a hot tub or garden area). Candles, incense, calming music, waterscapes, scented oils, and a cozy, comfortable place to sit will help shift your state of mind. As you enter your space, take off your shoes, and be especially conscious of how you feel. Give yourself permission to relax in your sanctuary. Next, incorporate conscious breathing, this always helps to accelerate the relaxation process. I generally choose early mornings for this ritual, using the time to visualize daily goals. I don’t always meditate, sometimes I write, occasionally I read. But I always insist that whatever I do, it must feed my spirit and relax my mind (no shopping lists, electronics or checkbook balancing allowed). Afterwards, I feel renewed, empowered, and amply prepared for the new day.
Many of my clients have also found mornings to be the best time for serenity time. Early morning offers a stillness that quickly evaporates once the day kicks into high gear. If you have children, it may be the only time, before they awake, that your house is perfectly quiet. If you prefer afternoons or evenings, 'when' is not important, however committing to this daily quiet time is essential for living a more balanced, embodied life. Namaste.