I have 16 more days with my 2015 intention word:
Today, this gift from Louise Hay in my inbox:

"Not only does forgiveness open us up to self-love, it rids our minds of past pain and judgements of others. When we blame others, we are giving them power over our thoughts. If you give yourself permission to forgive, you are released of your sorrows. It’s a great step toward pure happiness. When we’re stuck in a state of always having to be right, we are never truly happy. You put yourself in a prison of self-righteous resentment. Remember, forgiveness is not acceptance. We are not accepting their behavior as OK, we are just releasing ourselves from the negative energy they exude. People act out based on their experiences and knowledge. Don’t let their pain control your thoughts too. The act of forgiveness comes from within your own mind.
Let’s let our ill-will toward people go as we close out this year. You always have a choice. You can stay in a world of bitterness or you can let go and live a fulfilling, blissful life. Other people’s behavior may have you feeling irritated or uncomfortable, but they are not making you hold on to those negative feelings. You have the freedom to let go by taking responsibility of your own feelings. Free yourself from pain. Let go of those judgements and release yourself from the burdens and limitations these judgements set for you. Letting go can not only help you, but create love within the other person as well. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself and the Universe.
All of our thoughts and feelings are created within our minds. When we learn to forgive ourselves and others, we set ourselves free. We find inner peace and ultimate happiness. When you refuse to forgive, you hold on to the past; you’re not able to live in the endearing present moments. Remember, your future is created when you are in the present. You do not deserve to feel pain and suffering. Once you are willing to forgive, the Universe will take care of the rest. The energy you put out there is what’s returned. Forgive yourself, love yourself, and forgive others. Move forward from bitterness. Put yourself in a space of love and joy. Put yourself around people who fill your heart with love and joy. You are free my dear ones."

I have felt deeply held by Louise Hay's brilliance, she has been one of my muses since the 1980's when my middle sister gave me her book: 
You Can Heal Your Life