This is my year to study forgiveness, it was my 2015 word. If you're not sure what I mean by my word for the year, each January I host a circle ceremony where we each pick a word for the new year. It's a big commitment, this word ~ once you claim it and the entire circle repeats it back to you out loud ~ you must own it, study it, develop a deeper understanding of its meaning and purpose in your journey. What's interesting and I still have three more months as a student of forgiveness, is how complicated forgiveness is when you really dig deeply into its roots. I have felt many times that I was failing at the school of forgiveness and then - I will uncover something quite valuable in my studies and efforts - to forgive. Within these valuable life lessons I have developed a keener understanding of these famous quotes: "to forgive takes love", "forgiveness is not something we do for others, we do if for ourselves - to get well and move forward", "forgive them even if they are not sorry", "nothing ever gets easier, you just get stronger"...
Honestly, the toughest challenge for me has been how people speak about forgiveness, as if it's easily accessible and simply a choice. I haven't found it easy at all, but I'm committed to it nevertheless and I'm reaping its benefits, albeit slowly. All of this is to share an article that I found today, I especially appreciate:
 "The common understanding of forgiveness fails to recognize how much work and time is involved in genuine forgiveness."