grateful for today:
talked to my dad on the phone
walked with two of my most favorite beings
found a new home for stretch appeal soft
shared time with a like-minded teacher
received a sublime massage
took myself out to dinner
had the most delicious risotto with gulf shrimp, arugula and fresh green beans
(see above photo)
to-go cheese cake
walked home
had fun taking selfies
(see below photos)
melt-in-your-mouth good cheese cake
hints of lemon and lavender
beckoned outside by two loudly singing birds
both dangling on the tippy top of the tree that sits just outside of my urban terrace
i know that sound
i lived on the Willamette river for 15 years
i go out to terrace
it's like watching puppies rolling on the grass
these two birds
loud - happy - playful
looking for me
i speak to them in my bird voice
they both turn 180 degrees
i giggle and keep calling to them
they watch me
i watch them
they fly away.