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Radical Nourishment - Wednesday's Uranian New Moon in Cancer
by emily
"Wednesday’s New Moon wants to shake you out of your ruts, strip away your security blanket of comfy conditioning and catalyze your most radical, creative, ALIVE and genius self. 
The New Moon (6:24pm Pacific) animates security-seeking Cancer the Crab, but its square to revolutionary Uranus stirs up restlessness and a readiness for radical change. Cancer rules history, memory and the past, and signifies the conditioned self - the self you developed based on your earliest experiences, including those in the womb. Cancer is associated with the subconscious, which was programmed before age 5 and which basically runs the show 99 percent of the time. 
Uranus the Great Awakener disrupts your regularly scheduled programming and wakes up the feelings, needs and desires of your true self. What are the old habits you need to break out of so you can feel fed at the deepest level? How can you best nurture and cultivate your unique genius? Where are you limiting your power, vitality and growth by playing it safe? The Uranian revolutionary impulse is extra-potent right now, and for the next few weeks, as Uranus prepares to turn Retrograde on July 26. 
Cancer is the sign of home, foundation, family and tribe - the root system you need to pursue your goals and take power in the world. This Uranian Cancer New Moon could bring a lightning bolt of awareness to what's NOT working in your current support system and the steps you can take to ultimately create more nurturing and nourishment.
Cancerian themes are further activated at the New Moon by the conjunction of Mercury and Mars in Cancer exactly opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Transformational Pluto calls for shedding your ego's agenda of what you THINK you should want and need, and dropping into a deeper level of self-honesty and authenticity. Notice where you're feeling powerless, pissed-off, self-pitying, and/or victimy - that's your signal to pull back, take responsibility for your feelings, and commit to honoring your true needs and desires. 
As outer planets, Uranus and Pluto want to connect our personal lives (Cancer) with the bigger picture, the life of the collective. At this time of hyper-technologized culture and virtual everything, where much of life happens in our minds and on our screens, one of the most radical things we can do is to really come home to our bodies and to the body of the Earth. 
The bottom-line Cancer "issue" is INSECURITY - pervasive in the modern West and often appearing as over-eating, hyper-consumerism and other addictions. We'll never feel really safe or secure or satiated until we root down and make home right where we are, and tend to our bodies and home planet as the sacred beings they/we are. As Michael Meade says, "we can never get enough of what we don't really need."