renew yourself on may 3rd:

 Writing For Your Life:
Taught by Dr. Bonnie Comfort
 Your life is a story.  There are characters, conflicts, struggles and triumphs.  Always there is dialogue in your head.  You might say to yourself, "Why did I do that?  or "I'm so happy" or "I hate this."  And there is a you who is listening.
 This is where journaling and writing memoir come in.  The story of your life is newsworthy for you.  You don't have to be writing to overcome childhood abuse or alcohol addiction to benefit from vividly remembering your past or thinking through a current situation in private.  Sometimes you don't know what you think and feel until you write it out.  Sometimes people and events fade from memory until you bring them back to life on paper and explore them.
 In the process of writing, you draw on your own strength, and you gain clarity.  This is not a Facebook posting.  This is communion with your most private and personal self.  Journal writing and memoir are word photos that capture your life and define meaning for you.
 Come and join me in a three hour workshop to access unspoken aspects of you.  No writing skill is required.  You do not need pretty language, a well-crafted sentence or a story for sharing.  This is writing solely for you, for the unvarnished honesty with yourself that only privacy can offer.
 We will write side by side, we will use guided imagery and writing exercises to trigger your words.  We will go on an internal expedition that may take you somewhere surprising.  And you don't have to share any of it unless you want to.
Saturday, May 3, 2014
1:00 - 4:00
appointment only: 503-780-4964 (text or call) or Laureredmond@mac.com
limited space
Dr. Bonnie Comfort:
Bonnie is a psychologist who has been in clinical practice for many years. She is the author of memoir, short stories, and the novel "Denial" published by Simon and Schuster.