It's easy to recognize female "power" in the women we see in the public eye, but true power is something more subtle and sublime.  Webster's Dictionary defines powerful as "having power, authority, influence." Confidence Coach Laure Redmond, author of Feel Good Naked, joined us to talk about real power.  She says what the world needs MORE of are everyday women, not using their power to position themselves over others or be rich and famous, but who will use their power to create awesome lives for themselves.
  1. Endurance trumps instant gratification
  2. Rise and Shine earlier then others  Success comes easier when you have a jump on the day ~ many times, early morning is the only quiet time in a busy home or the only opportunity to exercise or meditate.
  3. Spot your leaks and patch them right away  Where in your life do you lose power? What people, activities, obligations, or thought processes drain you of your power? When you find them, "patch" them by making whatever changes are necessary.
  4. Stay ever-curious  Curiosity gets people excited and leads to new ideas. The smartest thing you can ever do is constantly ask questions.
  5. Don't take tech too far, but do optimize your technology
  6. Exercise your authority  Being able to tackle every topic, big or small, silly or serious stands out. When you stand up for your values and refuse to be a doormat (whether in life or love) and use your power to speak your mind, respect is given in return.
  7. Surround yourself with other powerful women  Truth is, you won't always feel strong and in control. Troubles, fears, and real-life problems have a way of draining our power. Women who are connected to other women share their power. When one friend is low on power, another can "siphon" some of hers to share.
  8. Maintain grace in the face of defeat