running into you:

"Seeing you again, after so long,
seeing you with her, and actually almost
not wanting you back,
doesn't seem to make me feel separate from you. But you seemed
covered with her, like a child working with glue
who's young to be working with glue. "If I could
choose , a place to die,"
it would never have been in your arms, old darling,
we figured I'd see you out, in mine,
it was never in doubt that you had suffered more than I
when young. That moved me so much about you,
the way you were a dumbstruck one
and yet you seemed to know everything
I did not know, which was everything
except the gift of gab - and oh well
dirty dancing and how to apologize.
When I went up to you two, at the art opening,
I felt I had nothing to apologize for,
I felt like a somewhat buoyant creature
with feet of I don't know what, recovered-from sorrow,
which held me nicely to the gallery floor as to the
surface of a planet, some lunar orb
once part of the earth."
~ Sharon Olds