excerpt from my book ~ Feel Good Naked:

Don't let time be a bully. Ten minutes is enough.
Why is it we spend most of our lives making decisions for our bodies without including them in the decision-making process? When we make the mind/body connection, we suddenly realize that our bodies have been screaming at us for years, we just had the volume turned down. Listen up! Our bodies want to move around. They want to be used, they want to sweat profusely. They don't even mind being sore after a fulfilling bout of intense physical labor. If you've ever worked hard in the garden, or moved into a new apartment in one day, or cleaned your whole house because your mother-in-law was on her way over, you know how good complete and utter physical exhaustion can feel. And here's the best part: you can feel that way after just ten minutes. Don't be afraid it's not enough time. Don't be afraid something else won't get done. If you have time to make coffee or watch the news, you have time to move your body aerobically for ten minutes. My favorite non-stop ten minute formulas are:
• Dancing vigorously to upbeat music. I discovered this great release when I first visited Studio 54, a renowned discoteque in New York City. The energy and music immediately made my body pulse with aerobic dance moves. Within ten minutes, I was not only sweating from head to toe, but I felt great also.
• Cleaning one or two rooms quickly. I am an obsessive cleaner and always enjoy the challenge of attempting to get two rooms squeaky clean within ten minutes. I love to aerobically clean my bathrooms getting on hands and knees and engaging every muscle in my body. It works up a great sweat and it makes taking a shower afterwards a dual reward.
• Walking around the block as many times as possible (don't forget to swing your arms). This is an amazing release that I learned when I had exactly ten minutes to get to the bank, before it closed, to make my daily deposit. The distance took exactly ten minutes to walk and I was always aware of feeling revived and stretched out after the fact.
• Jumping rope continuously. I tried this after being utterly infatuated with Sylvester Stallone in the first Rocky movie. Not only was it extremely challenging aerobically, I could swear it reduced the cellulite on the backs of my thighs.
• Walking up and down stairs as fast as possible (take two at a time on the way up). This one I learned while living in a five story walk-up in New York City. My butt never looked better than when I lived there! If I was unable to exercise on any given day, I would walk up and down these five flights before turning in for the night. Within three minutes, I would be sweating. After ten minutes, I was dripping with sweat feeling the tightest butt muscles I have ever felt!
• Mowing the lawn with a push mower, which provides an additional isometric arm exercise.
• Parking ten minutes away from the grocery store and buying heavy stuff! I love to do this. In fact, I will deliberately park ten minutes away on days that I buy lots of liquids. Carrying heavy bags gives my arms a wonderful pump of adrenaline. It is also a great opportunity to work on my posture and abdominal and back strength.
• Washing the car (yes, it can be done). I enjoy washing my car as quickly as I can while trying to use as many muscles as possible. I put on motivating music and go for it! If you cannot wash your entire car in ten minutes, try vacuuming the inside of the car within ten minutes while contracting your abdominal muscles at the same time.
• Making love! What I will say about this one is that you no longer need to feel embarrassed if you sweat like an athlete while making love. Think of love making as a wonderful opportunity to release all kinds of powerful endorphins. If you give this activity your best energy for ten full minutes, you are bound to receive excellent gratitude from your lover. Again, a dual reward.
Start slowly and give it a chance. Enjoy your favorite ten minute formula three times a week (no less) for three weeks. At the end of three weeks, notice how you feel sexier, happier, and more comfortable in your skin. If you like what these ten minute sessions are doing for you, then by all means keep going. Do it every day. Longer if you like, and if you have the time.