Dear Pisces, you may often find yourself acting independently instead of going along with the flow and blending in. Find opportunities to recharge. This is an ideal time for seeing things that you've missed, for reflecting on the past year, and for envisioning how you'd like to proceed in the future. Communicate, but avoid publicizing ideas until you are totally clear about them. A competitive streak is stimulated this month. However impatient you feel about getting things done, avoid haste. You're likely to be clearer about most areas of your life by the 18th, but the retrograde of Mercury in your own sign beginning the 23rd brings yet another period of double-checking and reviewing. Artistic and spiritual pursuits are favored. Family affairs improve considerably this month. The last week of the month brings more energy for personal plans and a resurgence of vitality. Everyone seems to want you at this time, and this extends into March!